LGM Card

Is a standard size microSD memory card with built-in NFC antenna and two secure chips. LGM Card is used while inserted in SD slot of a mobile phone. It would provide NFC capability even to feature phones. It can store sensitive data on its secure chips (e.g. a client certificate, ID card, transit card or a bank card). LGM Card would enable a variety of contactless and remote mobile use-cases with a tamper resistant security and under full control of the issuer.


Miniature coil
NFC antennas

Are off-the-shelf antennas that eliminate major considerations for NFC antennas - placement, layout and RF performance. It would not limit shape of your products. It would save effort required for antenna design and individual model modifications. It occupies in average 80% less space than NFC planar antennas and still it offers great multidirectional NFC performance. It reduces BOM, simplifies antenna tuning under the cover and lowers assembly costs.

About Company

SMK-LOGOMOTION Corporation, Japan has been founded on 7th May 2015 as a join-company of SMK Corporation, Japan and Logomotion, s.r.o., Slovakia. The aim of this merge was to extend the potential in new NFC businesses. With over 20 patents granted and many patents filed we answer huge request of miniature NFC & secure needs of IoT segment.

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